Iran released two Greek oil tankers that had been held for nearly six months!

foreign media reported: Greek officials announced that they have secured the release of two oil tankers detained by the Iranians for nearly six months in retaliation for the US seizure of Iranian tankers in Greek waters. AIS signals from the Prudent tankers Warrior and Delta Poseidon confirmed that both ships left Iran, at the same time as the disputed Iranian tanker Lana left its anchorage in Piraeus.

Greece has been negotiating for months for the release of the two tankers, it has denied any involvement in the deal between the Iranian tanker and the two Greek-flagged vessels. The Rana, which was reflagged in May 2022, was sent back in July and was free to leave, but remained in Greece. It was previously rumored that Greece was close to a deal with Iran before Iran asked Greece to delay the agreement without seeking compensation.

Greek Minister for Shipping and Island Policy Yannis Plakiotakis issued a brief statement confirming the release of the two tankers. "Today is a very happy day for our crew, but also for Greece as a whole, because with the systematic efforts of the Greek government, an unpleasant and particularly complicated case has come to an end... I would also like to warmly thank the crew of the ship for the patience and trust they have given us during all the difficult days that have passed, and also to the owners of the two countries, our cooperation."

150000 dwt "Prudent Warrior" and 157000 dwt "Delta Poseidon" were both loaded and departed from the Gulf on 27 May, when the vessels were attacked by Iranian forces and directly entered Iranian waters. They were transferred to Bandar Abbas and remained there, where Iran's supreme leader later admitted in a speech that they had been detained in retaliation for Greece allowing the United States to seize the crude oil on the Rana. The ship was initially identified as the Russian-flagged Pegas, which had sought asylum in Greece after experiencing mechanical problems. Greece initially said the ship was under investigation for violating EU sanctions against Russia, but later found that the cargo was Iranian crude oil and the ship changed its flag to Iran. A Greek court eventually ordered the United States to return the crude oil transferred from the ship to another chartered tanker that carried the crude to the United States.

after anticipating the release of the Greek tanker in August, Iran later agreed that shipping companies Polembros the shipping and Delta tankers to carry out crew changes on both vessels in early October. AIS signals from both ships showed they were heading for the UAE.

Polembros reported that they had 24 Greek and Filipino crew aboard the Prudential Warrior and that seven had been on board since the ship was seized, but that it was possible to replace 17. "We do hope that discussions at the government and diplomatic level will bring an end to this incident and finally release the ship and its crew," Polumbross said earlier this week. ".

earlier today, the 115500 deadweight tonne Lana also began its voyage. Initial reports said the ship was heading for Istanbul, although its AIS signal indicated it would arrive in Beirut on November 19. There had been speculation that Iran was keeping the ship in Greece, fearing the United States might try to seize it when it entered international waters.

Prakiotakis said that today's positive development once again confirms Greece's commitment to stand with crews and ships to serve and protect the interests of Greek shipping and its crews in the best possible way.